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    DocbookMD is an exclusive HIPAA-secure messaging application for smartphone and tablet devices. Designed by TCMS physicians for physicians, it creates a secure community to share patient information and collaborate with medical colleagues.

    Through TCMS membership, you have the most up-to-date physician directory available with access to phone, fax and address information for colleagues in your region directly from your mobile device. Quickly locate a physician by last or first name or specialty. By using DocbookMD, physicians can send HIPAA-secure text messages bundled with photos of X-rays and EKGs for more efficient and instantaneous physician-to-physician communication.

    The platform is also open to all members of a physician’s care team. Keeping the physician at the center of communication, they can now invite their nurses, physician assistants, and other office staff to send and receive messages between each other. These messages can include images such as X-rays and EKGs as well as wounds or rashes.

    All the information is at a physician’s fingertips, resulting in faster and richer discussions on patient treatment and care. Also, with local physician and pharmacy directories built in, the time physicians spend finding colleagues or tracking down a local pharmacy is cut from hours to minutes.

    For more information or assistance with DocbookMD, contact TCMS Membership Director Remmy Morris at rmorris@tcms.com or 512-206-1252.