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  •             Confidential Coaching Program


    Being a physician isn’t easy—and neither is asking for help


    Physician’s lives are full of challenges – from the stresses of caring for our patients, to negotiating
    the business of medicine, regulations and technology, to successfully integrating our professional
    lives with our personal lives so that time with family, friends and relaxation is fulfilling and enriching.

    When life becomes difficult, the TCMS Physician Wellness Program’s Confidential Coaching 
    Program is available for confidential, non-reportable help. The program offers coaching sessions
    conducted by professional, TCMS vetted counselors for TCMS members or their spouse /partner.  
    Help is not limited to professional “burnout.”  It is available for any problem that affects your
    happiness as well as your ability to provide great care for your patients. 

                                    Family Issues       Depression        Anxiety

                       Relationships      Work Difficulties    Stress     Mood Swings

                        Adverse Patient Outcomes         Malpractice Litigation

                                     Alcohol       Drugs      Suicidal Thoughts 

    Whatever the issue—this program is your safe harbor.
    Nothing is reported, no diagnosis made, no insurance billed.
    Wellness program sessions do not require reporting to the Texas Medical Board or credentialing entities. 

    To access the program, call the 24-hour support line 512-467-5165.