About Us

The Travis County Medical Society (TCMS) is an active community of over 4,000 Austin-area physicians who care about the medical profession in their community and state.

In addition to being a member of TCMS, you are automatically a member of the Texas Medical Association (TMA), the largest medical society in the nation—which offers numerous benefits and opportunities.

Your specialty society will advocate for your practice type, but it is not involved in the regulations or political climate where you practice and where your patients live. For this reason, physicians should consider membership in both their county/state medical society as well as their specialty society.

TCMS is led by physicians who volunteer their time to serve on the Executive Board, the Board of Ethics and the following committees:

  1. Medical Legislation
  2. Public Health
  3. Women in Medicine
  4. ED/EMS Advisory Board
  5. Physician Health and Rehabilitation
  6. Public Relations

Committee members are appointed by the president.

The Executive Board is made up of the following officers:

  1. President
  2. President elect
  3. Secretary/treasurer
  4. Immediate past president
  5. Chair of the Board of Ethics
  6. A representative from the Delegation to the Texas Medical Association (TMA)
  7. Six members at large elected by the Society

The TCMS Delegation is composed of delegates 
and alternate delegates who represent the Society’s needs and the needs of the medical profession in the Texas Medical Association (TMA) House of Delegates

In addition, there are opportunities to serve as a TMA Delegate to the AMA.

Get involved in your profession and your medical society by volunteering to serve in a leadership position or on a committee. Contact Belinda Clare for more information bclare@tcms.com

Don’t wait to be a part of this dynamic Society.



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