To serve and represent a diverse and inclusive medical profession in matters of importance to the membership and to the community and patients it serves.


  1.  To maintain high standards of medical practice, professionalism, and ethical conduct.
  2.  To strengthen the common interest and unity of physicians in our community.
  3.  To provide representation and advocacy for patients and physicians at all levels of government and medicine.
  4.  To promote the role of the Society in addressing local needs and contributing to a healthier community.
  5.  To enhance the reputation and image of physicians through professionalism, advocacy, and service.
  6.  To add value to Society membership through services and activities that meet the professional and personal needs of member physicians.
  7.  To maintain a pro-active, goal oriented, member driven organization through awareness and effective communication.
  8.  Promote Society members as trusted leaders at all levels of medicine and the community.