Related Organizations

Project Access (PA)

The Travis County Medical Society initiated Project Access in 2002 as a coordinated system of volunteer physician care, hospital care, medication assistance and diagnostic services for the low-income, uninsured of Travis County.

We Are We Are Blood
Drawn Together Since 1951

Since 1951 when we were founded by the Travis County Medical Society, it has been our responsibility and privilege to be the provider and protector of the Central Texas blood supply.

United Tissue Resources
A Legacy For Better Living 

You have the power to leave a legacy. The precious gifts of bone and connective tissue, skin and cardiovascular tissues save and enhance the lives of so many.

Texas Medical Association (TMA)

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) was established by 35 physicians in 1853 to provide medical and public health education for Texas physicians and their patients as well as legislative and regulatory advocacy and health policy research. TMA is a professional nonprofit organization representing over 53,000 physicians, residents, medical student and alliance members. It is located in Austin, has 110 component county medical societies around the state, and is the largest state medical society in the United States.

Travis County Medical Alliance (TCMA)

Founded in 1924, the Travis County Medical Alliance is composed of TCMS physicians’ spouses and physician members who support civic, philanthropic and public health projects in the community. TCMA fosters friendships within our family of medicine and is active in legislative matters.

Medical Service Bureau (MSB)

The Medical Service Bureau, Inc. (MSB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Society, is the corporate umbrella under which the Society’s for-profit services are organized and operated.

MSB, together with its 50/50 business partner, GoComm, has formed MSB Communications, LLC (MSBC) to own and operate full-service call centers – currently in Texas, Illinois, and Puerto Rico.

Locally in Central Texas, MSBC operates the Medical Exchange , providing dedicated 24-7 answering service and on-call management to physicians and health care entities. Serving the local medical community since 1955, the Medical Exchange is a highly trusted and heavily utilized call center resource for physicians.

MSB also operates TCMS Document and Data Services, providing off-site medical records storage and shredding services for physicians in Travis County. For more information on record services call: 512-206-1250.