How to Access the Program

Meet Our Counselors

Sometimes it’s easy to bounce back from challenges or setbacks but other times it can seem overwhelming and feel impossible to get things back on track. A professional counselor can help you put things in perspective and build resilience.

The TCMS Physician Wellness Program's Safe Harbor Counseling Program is proud to offer help from our panel of professional counselors.  Our doctorate level counselors were researched, interviewed, vetted and selected by TCMS staff and physician members of the PWP Steering Committee.  We assess ongoing feedback from those accessing counseling services to make sure our counselors are providing excellent care. Our counselors will make their best effort to arrange your first appointment within the timeframe you need depending on the urgency of the situation.

How to Access the Program

You may access the program in two ways.
1. Call the Confidential Wellness Helpline at 512-467-5165. You will not need to identify yourself when you call and may obtain information about the program and scheduling from a member of the TCMS staff.

2. Directly contact the counselor of your choice by using the contact information listed below with the counselor bios. When you call, you should identify yourself as a TCMS member or spouse accessing the PWP counseling program. You will need to give them your name during the scheduling process, but names of those accessing counseling are never passed along to TCMS staff or the PWP committee members by the counselor without your permission.

***If you encounter any problems with scheduling, please call the Confidential Wellness Helpline at 


Confidential Wellness Hotline:

For more information on how the program works, call 512-467-5165.

To make an appointment, you may call one of the counselors listed below. 

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