Directly contact the counselor of your choice by using the contact information listed below with the counselor bios. When you call, you should identify yourself as a TCMS member or spouse accessing the PWP counseling program. You will need to give them your name during the scheduling process, but names of those accessing counseling are never passed along to TCMS staff or the PWP committee members by the counselor without your permission.

We are here to help!  If you have to leave a message with any of our counseling choices and do not hear back from them within 24 hours during the week, have an urgent need for help that is not met, or need any other help or advice accessing a counselor, call our Helpline at 512-467-5165.

Sometimes it’s easy to bounce back from challenges or setbacks but other times it can seem overwhelming and feel impossible to get things back on track. A professional counselor can help you put things in perspective and build resilience.

The TCMS Physician Wellness Program's Safe Harbor Counseling Program is proud to offer help from the panel of professional counselors, including doctorate level therapists, who were researched, interviewed, vetted and selected by TCMS staff and physician program leaders. We assess ongoing feedback from those accessing counseling services to make sure the counselors are providing excellent care. Counselors will make their best effort to arrange your first appointment within the timeframe you need depending on the urgency of the situation.

Blaine Carr, PhD    |    Deep Eddy Psychotherapy    |      Josh Westheimer, PhD

Couple Therapists:    Shannon Greene PhD, LMFT | Deep Eddy Psychotherapy



Blaine Carr, PhD 
Licensed Psychologist

Everyone has difficult times in their lives, and it can be scary and overwhelming to seek outside help. As a fellow health professional charged with helping others, I can personally relate to the struggles that physicians have when life’s challenges interfere. Often it can be a great relief to take that first step and ask for help. Whether your concerns are mild or more challenging, you can count on me to be an empathic, knowledgeable partner to help you weather the storm and get through to the other side. 

Working Together

Through working with others in therapy, and through my own experience being in therapy, I know that different approaches can be helpful for different people, and what is helpful at one time might not be helpful at other times. Sometimes, it is better to use short-term techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), coping strategies, or psychoeducation to address specific symptoms. Other times, deeper exploration using psychodynamic approaches that get to the root of difficulties can be more helpful. I usually use some combination of these techniques with my clients depending on the goals we identify together as your areas of deepest need and priority.

Presenting Concerns

I can help you or a loved one with the following mental health concerns:

Mood, anxiety, stress, and depression at all levels of severity
Chronic pain and how physical and mental health affect one another
Feeling stuck in your personal or work life or in your relationships
Long-standing difficulties that seem impossible to resolve 


Blaine Carr, PhD is a licensed psychologist working 20 years in private practice. He specialized in working with adults (18 and up) providing psychotherapy and testing. I have worked in many different outpatient and inpatient settings, including medical and inpatient psychiatric hospitals, chronic pain treatment programs, nursing homes, and mental health clinics. I received my Master’s and PhD degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, and my B.A. in psychology from Trinity University in San Antonio. 

For more information go to Blaine Carr, PhD website.  

Dr. Carr offers in-person and remote counseling. To make an appointment with Blaine Carr, PhD call him at 512-627-3583.


Josh Westheimer, PhD 
Licensed Psychologist


Dr. Westheimer grew up in Houston, Texas, the son of a physician and a psychotherapist. He went to The Colorado College for his undergraduate studies where he majored in Spanish. After college, Dr. Westheimer went to spend several years in the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked in digital advertising around the time of the first dot com boom. He became interested in psychology and mental health while conducting research on refugee mental health with a professor of psychology in San Francisco.

Dr. Westheimer earned his Masters’ and Doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. His concentration was in health psychology and his dissertation focused on utilizing the group therapy format to conduct medical interventions targeting chronic disease. He completed his residency at Denver Health Medical Center in Colorado. He has enjoyed working in multidisciplinary healthcare settings and spent his first several years in practice at the VA. He held various roles in his time there, including working with home-bound veterans, completing consults in a mental health clinic and acting as behavioral health specialist embedded in a primary medical care team.

Dr. Westheimer started a private practice in 2013 and has transitioned to full-time. He works with individual adults and couples and enjoys assisting people as they navigate career and relationship challenges. He treats people with depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders and substance issues. He also has extensive experience with people with chronic medical illnesses. Dr. Westheimer is dedicated to making mental health services accessible and reducing stigma.

For more information go to Josh Westheimer, PhD website

Dr. Westheimer offers in-person and remote counseling. Call 512-228-7791 to make an appointment.

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy


Deep Eddy Psychotherapy has a number of excellent therapists that the TCMS Safe Harbor program has accessed with very positive feedback from our colleagues.

To schedule with Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, please contact Gracie Duson directly by calling 713-416-1024.

The TCMS Safe Harbor Counseling program has a close relationship with Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, a large practice offering the expertise of several doctorate and master level therapists. Charlotte Howard, PhD, lead therapist and Director of Deep Eddy, sees clients but also helps coordinate and triage our physician colleagues or their spouse to therapists within her group who may possess special expertise in specific practice areas.  All therapists participating in  the Safe Harbor program have been vetted by the TCMS program director.  Detailed information about Deep Eddy therapists are available on their website.

Through Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, TCMS members has access to therapists with extensive experience and expertise in a variety of specialized areas including:
      •    Individual counseling.
      •    Couples counseling.
      •    Career difficulties.
      •    Dependency and addiction.
      •    Family conflict and parenting.
      •    Depression and anxiety.
      •    Life changes.
      •    Grief counseling.
      •    LBGTQIA+ issues.
      •    Religious issues.
      •    Various group therapy offerings.

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy offers in-person and remote counseling.

To learn about the practice and their therapists, visit their website at

To schedule with Dr. Howard or one of her associates or to request triage assistance based on your specific needs, please contact Gracie Duson directly by calling 713-416-1024.

Couple Therapists


Shannon Greene PhD, LMFT
Couples Therapist


Are you looking to improve your relationship with your partner or spouse? Has conflict become unmanageable, or are you persistently feeling distant and disconnected? Or maybe you’re doing ok—but want to be better? There is a way forward. As a Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist (Level 3), I use a research-based approach to help couples connect in healthy ways, and to learn new skills toward building stronger, more satisfying relationships.

Follow this link for more information about Dr. Greene and her practice.

For more appointments, call (512) 775-1908. 

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy has a number of excellent couples therapists that the TCMS Safe Harbor program has accessed with very positive feedback from our colleagues.

To schedule with Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, please contact Gracie Duson directly by calling 713-416-1024.