The Travis County Medical Society Physician Health and Rehabilitation Committee (PHRC) is an advocate and a resource for physicians whose ability to practice medicine is impaired, or reasonably believed to be impaired, by substance abuse, addiction or mental or physical illness. It pursues all ethical means available to identify and offer assistance to physicians who are impaired.

The PHRC activities are confidential and non-disciplinary.  We are here to support our colleagues.

We accept inquiries for information and concerns from our physician members, or from concerned colleagues or family members.  Our goals are to assist our colleagues in recovery, protect their medical license and ability to continue their career, as well as to ensure our patients are treated safely and effectively by their physician.

We often collaborate with the Texas Physician Health Program, hospital medical staff offices, or physician practices, when requested by our colleagues in recovery, as we help them navigate their recovery.

If you are struggling with addiction or concerned about a colleague contact Belinda Clare, TCMS CEO or Brian Sayers, MD, PHRC Chair.

Caduceus Group

Weekly AA meeting for physicians
Tuesday evenings | 6:00 PM

TCMS is committed to providing access to a high quality, helpful, and meaningful Caduceus experience for our physicians. If you are interested in joining a positive group that supports the recovery process, contact Belinda Clare or 512-206-1250 for information.

The Texas Physician Health Program (TXPHP) protects the health of Texans and promotes medical excellence by serving participants affected by substance use disorders, physical illness and impairment, and/or psychiatric conditions. TXPHP provides education, recognition, and assistance in diagnosis and treatment through a recovery program adapted and monitored according to participants’ specific needs.

TXPHP provides confidential early intervention, assessment, treatment referral and post-treatment monitoring for health professionals under the Texas Medical Board’s jurisdiction who may not be able to practice safely due to an impairing or potentially impairing health condition.